Sony’s New Marketing Campaign goes Viral: DSLR Gear No Idea

We all know at least one of those people who owns a big expensive DSLR but has no idea how to use it. They think money equals quality, and the words f-stop and metering confuse them. Well Sony has taken this idea and created it into a marketing campaign called, DSLR Gear No Idea, which refers to a series of youtube videos about clueless photographers. Take a look:

Sony captures every photographer “noob” from the girl that thinks she needs flash for every single shot to the guy who always talks about his 300mm 2.8 lens, but can’t take a decent photo with it. This marks a major shift in the company’s product line as they start to break away from the DSLR scene and start focusing on their Single-lens Translucent cameras. This witty viral campaign has quickly become very popular, especially among photographers, who can easily relate.

clueless photographer

The “F-stop Fusspot” trying to figure out his camera

Status Updaters:

Foreign Correspondent:

The Flasher:

F-stop Fusspot:

Sideline Hero:

Macro Freak:

Lens Spotter:

The Vidiot:

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4 responses to “Sony’s New Marketing Campaign goes Viral: DSLR Gear No Idea”

  1. Bad, bad marketing campaign. When I first read about it I expected to see real people in authentic situations. They are all acting and they’re not even good actors or comedians. Now I understand why Sony is facing financial problems.

  2. aris says:

    hehehe.. this only shows sony can’t compete with canon that’s why they are making demolition job.. now i know why canon is still no. 1!

  3. Kim I. says:

    OK, so they don’t know how to use their DSLR cameras. What am I supposed to glean from this video? What the heck are they marketing?

  4. Crunch Hardtack says:

    Kudos to Sony. I find these ads to be very entertaining and therefore capture my attention. As a dedicated DSLR user (Camp Nikon: Yes, I’m a Nikoniac.), this ad campaign caught my attention, but will not catch my dinars, as I’m already set. BUT, for those whom these commercials pique an interest, it may well steer them towards purchasing one of Sony’s camera offerings over, let’s say, Nikon or Canon. I’m attracted to dynamic, entertaining and attention-grabbing spots. I will attempt to buy from these companies over a competitor’s based on their ads… if they offer a quality product at competitive prices and they sell something I’m in the market for. Jingly, soppy, medium gray commercials bore me and cause me to gain weight, as they give me the incentive to raid the fridge when they do come on.

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