Smartphones Continue to Destroy Wedding Photography and Weddings in General

You may remember our post “The Curse of the Wedding Photography Wrecker,” which shared a KTXL FOX40 “Don’t Be That Guy” news segment showing smartphone-wielding wedding guests getting in the way of the professional photographer. The video showed guests getting up-close-and-personal with couples during their vows, when they cut the cake, and even during the first dance. Think that’s bad? It gets worse!

Presenting you with a new kind of smartphone wedding wrecker: the bride herself! In the video above, it’s the bride—not a guest—who decides to pull out her cellphone. Right in the middle of the pastor’s message, underneath the blusher of her veil, she pops her phone out of the front of her dress, slides it open, and begins to type. Is she texting someone? Maybe updating her Facebook status to “married”? All the while, holding her free hand, her poor groom looks on with a distinct frown.

bride on phone during wedding

We have just one suggestion for our readers: Don’t be that guy (or gal)!

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9 responses to “Smartphones Continue to Destroy Wedding Photography and Weddings in General”

  1. SshMsh says:

    :( i feel so sad for that guy… and what can be so important that she HAD to text -_- so stupid

  2. Gary Charmichael says:

    Status update: “It’s official; I don’t have to give him “that” any longer….”

  3. I would be surprised if they are still married.

  4. mike penney says:

    I think she might just be checking to see if the old number #1 boyfriend is still available…

  5. Rick says:

    Poor guy. His expression of “what have I’ve gotten myself into” is priceless!

    … Wait, this is about photography… And to think some people would be so incredibly annoying about not allowing guests to pull out their own phones.

  6. Sarah says:

    The groom should have stopped the wedding and left her standing there. She is not worth it if she can’t be without her phone at her own wedding.

  7. Wow, What a great place to keep your phone!

  8. Tim says:

    Who says there’s no such thing as an ugly bride. Hang a bell around her neck and call her elsey.

  9. Levy Even says:

    Hey !! Why judging so fast ?! Have you thought that maybe (maybe) she’s been expecting THIS important call from her father who serves in the army somewhere at the other face of the planet?
    That is HER day.
    Who ever she is – Mazl Tov..!

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