Pulitzer Prize Winning Photojournalist Horst Fass (1933-2012)

Perhaps one the world’s most highly regarded war photographers, Horst Fass was a German-born, two time Pulitzer Prize winner. By the age of 21 he was already covering the Indochina conflict, but it is perhaps for his work in Vietnam that he is most revered:

Keen to share his experience and knowledge, he recruited a number of young, up and coming photographers, mentoring them as they covered the bloody and brutal Vietnam War. They were to become known as Horst’s Army.

After being badly injured in 1967, he became a picture editor and it was his insight and vision that brought to the world two of the most iconic Vietnam images: the execution of a Vietcong prisoner and the Napalm Girl. Despite their graphic content, it was Fass who directed that these images should be sent to Associated Press.

horst faas pulitzer prizepulitzer prize winning photographs

Fass continued to work for the Associated Press until his retirement in 2004 and produced four books about his career and that of other photo journalists

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