Powerful Photos Document the Emotional Journeys of Foster Children

The greatest inspiration for a photographer often comes from personal experience. Surreal portrait photographer Rob Woodcox explains what has motivated some of his work, and how he has used that motivation to produce positive change in the world:

As an adopted child himself, Woodcox wanted to make a difference in the lives of foster children. To bring awareness to the public, he’s created magical portraits to document the emotional journeys of youth in foster care.

In conjuction with photographers Jakob Skogheim, Tabbatha Plomaritas, Casey Maxwell, and Aubrey Warner, Rob Woodcox successfully raised enough money through Indiegogo to fund the first year of a summer camp for foster children. The fact that Woodcox’s photography is simply amazing surely played a role in achieving the $12,000 funding goal.

foster kids photo project
portraits of foster children's stories

Woodcox shares more of his story in this video feature:

“The images I’m creating for Stories Worth Telling portray the beautiful lives of foster children through challenges and triumphs.”

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  1. George says:

    Beautiful work!!!

    Wonderful story.

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