Photos You Probably Haven’t Deleted from Your Smartphone



“Oooh! I’m posting that one on Facebook!”

With the use of smartphones as cameras, conversations like this are overheard on a daily basis. Many people either don’t want to shell out the money for a DSLR or simply don’t have their camera handy, so they’re turning to their phones to capture life’s special moments.

Grab your smartphone and start browsing to see how many of these common images exist in your gallery.

So, were you surprised by the number of these images stored in your cell phone? While this video is humorous, it’s rather enlightening. Who hasn’t snapped a quick photo with the intent to brag about a certain life event, vacation, food, or experience?

baseball game photo

On the other hand, couldn’t we use these handy devices to snap pictures of items that are actually useful?

Photos You Should Take With Your Cell Phone

  • Current Medications. Keeping photos of prescription labels can be helpful when you visit your doctor. This will ensure you know the exact name, dosage, and the number of remaining refills of your medications.
  • Printer Cartridges. How many times have you been out shopping and remembered you were out of ink? Could you remember which of the hundreds of cartridges fit your printer? Well, wonder no longer when you have this photo stored on your phone!
  • Parking Lot Location. Clicking the panic button on your car in the parking lot not working so well? Take a picture when you exit your car so you can remember where you parked.
  • Hotel Room Number. This is an especially good tip if you are on vacation in a place where you will be coming and going from your room often or inebriated.
  • Recipes. Faster than printing a recipe, a photo will record all the necessary information so you can make the delicious dish when you get home.
  • Damaged Items. Handy in a car accident or if you receive damaged goods in the mail, a quick picture on the cell phone can easily be e-mailed to lawyers, insurance companies, or responsible parties.

Let’s be honest, you will continue to use your smartphone to take “selfies” and ridiculously cute photos of your pet, but keep in mind your handy camera can also record helpful information with a quick snap of the shutter.

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