Photojournalist’s POV Covering Embassy Protests in Cairo, Egypt

The following video is a first-hand account of the recent protests in Cairo, Egypt that took place September 11th through September 15, 2012. The footage, both video and photographs, was shot over a three day period in which photojournalist, Amanda Mustard, suffered through the side effects of tear gas to capture the following gripping images. The Egyptian people were protesting outside of the United States Embassy in response to an Anti-Islamic film that was created in the US:

Equipment used was a Canon 5D Mark II and 24-70mm 2.8 lens and a GoPro mounted on top.

Cair, Egypt Protests to Anti-Islamic Film

Tear Gas used in Egyptian US Embassy Protests

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One response to “Photojournalist’s POV Covering Embassy Protests in Cairo, Egypt”

  1. DeanH says:

    Amanda, That is POSITIVELY the best and most “informative” clip I’ve seenI I saw AND heard your shots, and then you showed the chosen pix,. Brilliant, well done. no double exposures or double standards

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