Photography Project to Provide Moments of Happiness to the Suffering

It’s always inspiring to hear about ways in which we can use photography to help others– to bring a smile to their faces, or to help them see themselves in a new light. The Mimi Foundation’s book of photos, titled “If Only For a Second,” is a wonderful example of such a project – watch here:

The Mimi Foundation is an organization for cancer patients whose goal is to make sure their patients’ personal and emotional needs are met, in addition to their medical needs. The foundation has centers in France, Belgium and Switzerland where individuals are provided with a serene, relaxing atmosphere, psychological counseling, beauty treatments, and advice on ways to approach hair loss.

“If Only For a Second” is a book and accompanying video that documents an experiment in helping cancer patients to forget their illness, however briefly. For the project, twenty people were given over-the-top makeovers and asked to keep their eyes closed the entire time. When their transformations were complete, they were asked to open their eyes in front of a two-way mirror, on the other side of which sat a photographer.

The resulting photographs are both moving and playful, capturing the subjects’ surprise and amusement at seeing themselves wearing a mullet, a bouffant, or a voluminous powdered wig. Here’s hoping that “If Only For a Second” will inspire other photography projects that aim to spread smiles and happiness to those who need it most.

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One response to “Photography Project to Provide Moments of Happiness to the Suffering”

  1. Amita Patel says:

    I come from a family of photographers and have to say this post gave me chills. It’s a gift to share your art with others, especially when it can touch people in such a powerful way. Thank you for sharing!

    Much Love,

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