Photography Prank Involving a Teleported Subject

Another clever photo prank has appeared, this time with twins. This prank is a little more intricate than some, as it takes three people to pull it off. The results, however, are hilarious. Check out how these twins, and their secret partner, manage to befuddle passing tourists:

This prank may be simple, but it’s effective. All you really need is a good location, two people who look alike, a camera, and a third person as a distraction. Just remember the one rule when pulling a prank: film it! In eight days this short but clever little video has managed to attract almost two million viewers. So next time you and your friends think of a funny public prank, make sure to set up a camera.

Oh, and don’t forget the second rule. Make sure it’s legal.

twins prank photo camera trick

The twins almost get caught by their last victim

Whether you tell your victims they’ve been pranked is up to you. Sometimes the reactions from these people are funnier than the prank itself.

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