Photographer Shows Us the Beauty of North Korea

North Korea isn’t exactly known for its tourism, and very few pictures of it exist on the internet. The photos that do exist generally document the strict government and regulations. On a recent trip to North Korea, however, one photographer made a point to find the beauty that was surely buried beneath all the propaganda:

The photos were captured by photographer B.C. Tørrissen with a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX100V. His album is an interesting and telling look at a place most of us will likely never set foot.

“You’ve seen the bad parts, over and over again. Here’s my attempt at showing that the country can be an interesting and even sort of pretty place to visit. Please do not interpret that as me supporting the government. I don’t.”

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One response to “Photographer Shows Us the Beauty of North Korea”

  1. Great project and images. I come away thinking that they is a LOT of SMOG in North Korea…..

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