Interesting Photo of the Day: Tiger Shark Steals Expensive Camera

While photographing tiger sharks in the Bahamas, one guide photographer had the scare of his life when one of the sharks snatched the camera right out of his hands. Known as the oceans’ “garbage eaters,” tiger sharks will pretty much eat anything. And with their razor sharp teeth, the photographer is lucky the shark just wanted the camera. Obviously, this particular shark wasn’t enjoying the photo shoot. Miguel Lasa, another photographer on the diving expedition, managed to capture the event:

tiger shark photo

Tiger Shark after Taking a Photographer’s Camera (Via Epic Wildlife. Click to see full size.)

The equipment, which included the camera, casing, and strobes, was worth £11,000 and could have easily been crushed or taken miles away by the shark, but luckily, it dropped it only about 100 meters away.

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