Interesting Photo of the Day: Thunderstorms and Wildfires

A wildfire in theĀ hills of Wenatchee, Washington. Firefighters had had a difficult time containing the wildfire, and further concerns were voiced when weather patterns showed a thunderstorm preparing to roll in. Despite the chance of rainfall, firefighters were more concerned about the high winds and potential for new fires to ignite from lightning strikes. As the storm formed overhead, Cushman Photography captured this image of multiple lighting strikes over the raging wildfire:

thunderstorm wildfire fire lightning washington Wenatchee

Fires spreads across the hills of Wenatchee, WA as a thunderstorm rolls in overhead (Via Imgur, click for larger size)

Though somewhat terrifying in its potential destructiveness, this scene is also beautiful. It shows multiple forces of nature and the awesome power it holds. Obviously, there is concern for the people, homes, businesses, and wildlife in the area. But being able to witness (and capture) nature in this state is incredible.

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One response to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Thunderstorms and Wildfires”

  1. While tragic in a way, it’s quite beautiful.

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