Interesting Photo of the Day: This Beautiful Ocean Sunset Makes You Want to Sail Away

Riding off into the sunset may be a cliche and otherwise unappealing idea, but what about captaining a vessel and sailing off into a wide pastel sea? If that sounds exciting to you, you’re going to love photographer Joseph Chen‘s sailboat image from Boracay:

sailboat boat boating sailing sunset sunrise ocean sea boracay vacation swim

“Sailing Boat in Sunset” by Joseph Chen. (Via Imgur. Click to see larger size.)

Boracay is a small dog bone-shaped island in the Philippines that has become a widely loved tourist haven for its pristinely white beaches, mild climate, and windsurfing. Chen created the photograph using a Nikon D800E camera set at a 23mm focal length, 1/125 of a second, f/18, and ISO 640.

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