Interesting Photo of the Day: Thick Fog in the Marshlands of Oregon

Many landscape photographers are obsessed with working in perfect conditions. But reality is challenging. Never can we expect anything, especially nature, to be in a perfect state. Photographers must improvise and work in whatever conditions Mother Nature presents. Take the following image by photographer Jerad Armijo, for instance. The thick fog in the marshlands of southern Oregon didn’t stop him from capturing this masterpiece:

lone tree amongst thick fog in marshlands of Oregon

“Gorgeous Thick Fog in the Marshlands of Oregon” by Jerad Armijo (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Armijo took the image with his Nikon D810 and 70–200mm lens at f/8, 1/30 second, and ISO 200.

“As I was driving a thick fog covered me. As I was driving through some marshlands I spotted out this scene. I quickly turned around and found a pull off to capture this gorgeous lone tree.”

The way the silhouette of the lone tree contrasts with the thick white fog is simply surreal. The reflection of the tree on the water adds further interest. Armijo truly took advantage of what he was presented with to take this brilliant image.

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