Interesting Photo of the Day: Surreal Panorama of Lake Cootharaba

Lake Cootharaba is a lake on the Noosa River in Southeast Queensland, Australia. Known as a gateway to the Everglades, this photo makes it seem like it may be the gateway to the Milky Way, as well. The photo credit belongs to landscape photographer Troy Casswell, who, along with his Canon 5D Mark II, uses a custom-built panoramic tripod head to get this surreal effect:


Gateway to the Milky Way? (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

Though it might seem a bit unreal, this particular panoramic effect is created when you take multiple panorama shots with long exposures and then stitch them seamlessly together. According to Casswell, when coupled with a lot of patience the result can create sharp image resolutions of over 100 megapixels in all sorts of perspectives.

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