Interesting Photo of the Day: Sunrise Over Nordenskjold Lake

Sunrise moments are mostly beautiful. The soft beautiful light, colorful sky, and dramatic clouds, all of them add up to a spectacular view. Throw in some beautiful landscape into the equation and you have a recipe for some jaw dropping photograph. This is exactly what photographer Casey Colomb captured while in Nordenskjold in Torres Del Paine NP, Patagonia:

sunrise over Nordenskjold Patagonia

“Sunrise over Nordenskjold Lake, Patagonia” by Casey Colomb (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Columb took this photograph as a part of his 24 day trip to Patagonia, which involved a nine day exploration of the fjords. He managed to capture this beautiful moment during sunrise with the beautiful cloud patterns, and the way he has composed the shot to frame the mountains using the foliage draws the viewer’s attention toward the landscape. We cannot tell if there is actually some mist in the air or if he has used some haze effect in post, but that sure gives a dreamy look to the photograph!

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