Interesting Photo of the Day: Sunflower Sunset

It’s not always that we get to see sunflowers as far as our eyes can see. But have a look at the following image taken by Reddit user Bgoehres: you won’t believe what you’re seeing. This sunflower field in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, sure seems to be a dreamland for sunflower lovers:

a sunflower field

“A Sunflower Field in Chambersburg, PA ” by Reddit User Bgoehres (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

“This is on a private farm where the farmers plant millions of sunflowers every year. This is only a small section of their sunflower field.”

If this is indeed just a small section, one can only imagine how spread out the entire farm must be. In any case, whatever the photographer has been able to capture in his frame, he’s done it superbly.

The bright yellow petals of the flowers and the dark green leaves of the plant form a beautiful tonal contrast in the foreground. Even the distribution of the sunflowers seems “normal” in the foreground but as soon as we look towards the mid-ground, that’s where we can realize how grand the entire farm must be.

While the entire landscape covered with sunflowers is fascinating in itself, the gentle curves of the small hills add to the beauty. Furthermore, the way light and shadows interplay on those hills makes it even more interesting. That’s the beauty of natural light when the sun’s hanging low.

How would you feel if you got the chance to visit this field? Let us know in the comments.

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