Interesting Photo of the Day: Spiderman at the NYC Protests

The year 2020 has been tough for pretty much everyone. Whether it be the global pandemic, or the unrest that’s going on against racial biases, things have been challenging. With tension so high, there’s been a desperate need for a more positive energy around us. And as a photographer, what better way than to keep your eyes out for heart-melting cheerful moments? Photographer Jessica Irani did exactly this by capturing this absolutely marvelous shot during the protests at NYC:

spiderman and a kid at a protest

“Spiderman at the NYC Protests” by JessicaIrani (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Irani took this image with her Sony A7III.

What’s fascinating about this image is how it appears like a scene straight out of a Spiderman movie. The lighting and the tones are cinematically spot-on. While the image from a technical standpoint is good, the emotion behind it runs deep. You get the feeling that this child is happy to have a hero on his side.

“This just shows that people that grow up loving superheroes will try to be one in anyway possible.”

Also the fact that the Spiderman is going for a fist-bump while the kid’s going for a hand-shake adds a bit of humor to the image. Simply an amazing capture by Irani. The image definitely has a lot of character and class.

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