Interesting Photo of the Day: Rainy Day at the Texas State Fair

Focusing is critical when taking any image. Where you choose to focus can determine how viewers interpret the image. Take the following image by photographer Timothy Alsbrooks, for instance. Instead of focusing on the fair ride, he chose to focus on its reflection:

“Texas State Fair” by Timothy Alsbrooks (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

“I sat on my rain cover in a puddle for like ten mins trying to pick my favorite composition. Honestly wish it had more of a reflection and not just the bokeh/cobblestone.”

Alsbrooks used his Nikon D500 with Tokina 11–16 f/2.8 lens to get this shot. Had he focused on the ride, the image would have┬áturned out to be a common one. But by focusing on the reflection on the ground, it looks as if the ground is burning. It can also be interpreted as burning charcoal on the ground or lava seeping out. Feel free to interpret the image in your own way.

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