Interesting Photo of the Day: Portrait with Light Painting

It’s usually when you think out of the box that you get some mind boggling images. For instance, it’s not everyday that you come across a portrait that was taken with a long exposure. Photographer Adrian Mechocki specializes in the art of light painting and took the following portrait using the technique:

long exposure portrait

“Portrait With Light Painting” by Adrian Mechocki (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

This image is a long exposure of almost a minute that Mechocki took in a completely dark room. The model had to be perfectly still throughout the entire exposure as even the slightest movement would cause the image to be blurry. What’s really interesting is that the image is a sole result of light painting without any sort of post processing.

“I did the light trails by moving the LED lights in the air for a few minutes. The duration depends on what I want to achieve and it differs on every photo.”

The mix of colors along with the intense look on the face of the model gives a really moody look to the image. Also, if you look closely at the light trails, they appear as brush strokes. This further adds to the artistic feel of the image. And not to forget, it’s worth appreciating how still the model appears since there is hardly any noticeable motion blur.

Do you know someone who would be able to stay perfectly still for over a minute?

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