Interesting Photo of the Day: Photographer Gets Punched by a Gorilla

Wildlife photographers often put themselves in dangerous situations just to get the right shot. Some go one step further and risk injury for that epic snap. It takes a great amount of dedication and bravery, for instance, to stand in front of a gorilla weighing nearly 430 pounds (190 kilograms) in order to take a picture:

gorilla photo

Photo by Christophe Courteau

While visiting Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda, photographer Christophe Courteau found out the hard way that mountain gorillas, especially when drunk on bamboo shoots, are a bit territorial and aggressive. Luckily, the photographer is okay. Gorillas have at least triple the muscle strength of a human being, so a full power punch could do a whole lot of damage. A good lesson in respecting wildlife and keeping your distance.

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