Interesting Photo of the Day: Phases of the Super Blue Blood Moon

Just over the basalt peaks of Mount Arrowsmith, a truly incredible sight to behold loomed in the sky on a crisp winter night. For just a few moments, the clouds parted to reveal an incredibly rare super blue blood moon to photographer Jacob Klassen:

Jacob Klassen blood moon composite

“Blue Blood Moon over Vancouver Island” by Jacob Klassen (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Today’s interesting photo is a composite image of the moody mountain and moon, capturing the phenomena in stunning detail. Each of the five sky exposures included illustrate a different phase of the blood moon, which results when the light of the sun reflects directly onto an eclipsed moon.

Klassen, a native of Vancouver Island, often utilizes the nature surrounding his home as subject matter in his photographic endeavors. Though many of the shots he produces are undoubtedly beautiful, this incredible event is likely to stay with the image maker for years to come!

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