Interesting Photo of the Day: Nostalgic Motel Scene

This photo by Alex Hyner has some very nostalgic vibes. More than anything else, it brings to mind detective movies from the 80’s. It could easily be a frame from a film about a disgruntled Fed working on a homicide case. You can just imagine the type of character–married to his work, especially since his wife left him months ago. He’s a bit macho, a bit jaded.

photographer takes nostalgic photo of his kitchen

Photographer takes nostalgic photo of his kitchen by Darabont09 (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Don’t you agree?

In case you are wondering about that small TV set, it’s a General Electric Series 7, recently acquired by Hyner from eBay. The image that you see on the TV isn’t real though. This TV only shows white noise!

“I actually shot the tv image separately on a TV/VCR that I have and pasted it over. All you get on this tv is white noise.”

The superb lighting effect was done using Philips Hue bulbs. We love the how perfectly it suits the scene. What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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