Interesting Photo of the Day: Mystery Dog Accompanies Hiker in Himalayas

Maybe our canine friends enjoy beautiful scenery just as much as we do. In today’s featured photo, a stray dog seems to take in the majestic expanse of snow-dusted Himalayan mountains:

dog in himalayas

Stray dog joins hiker on Himalayan trek. Photo captured by Sebastian Wahlhuetter. (Via 500px. Click for larger image.)

Photographer Sebastian Wahlhuetter captured the shot while hiking in the Himalayan Mountains. He related how the dog was a constant companion to him and his traveling partners over the course of their week-long trek:

This dog just appeared out of nowhere and followed us for an entire week during our trekking trip in the Himalayan outback. He always used to sleep in front of our tent and guarded us in the nights. When I decided to get up at 4 a.m. to climb the next 5000 m peak for sunrise he accompanied me as well. On the top he was sitting for the entire 30 minutes on this place looking straight into the countryside. I’m normally quite reserved towards dogs, but this one became a real friend to me.

Wahlhuetter used a Canon EOS 5D Mark III camera at f/11 and 1/10 of a second.

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4 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Mystery Dog Accompanies Hiker in Himalayas”

  1. Hi, I have shot this picture and you can read the
    FULL STORY here:

  2. Norman Silva says:

    I hope you took the dog home with you:)

    They are wonderful animals.



  3. Lois Bryan says:

    Sebastian … thanks so much for including the full story link. I enjoyed it very much and applaud you … and your doggie friend … for sharing your wonderful adventure … not to mention your spectacular image!! Tweeted this post, and following you on FB and Twitter and 500px.

  4. Isaiah Horace says:

    *Plays Guts theme

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