Interesting Photo of the Day: Multiple Exposures

Regardless of their feelings about editing or manipulating images in Photoshop, most photographers will admit that the powerful program can create some pretty interesting effects. Photographer Luke Gram recently explored some of Photoshop’s capabilities, posting the following picture on his “Man & Camera” blog, which subsequently created quite a stir on social media:

double exposure photoshop effect

Double exposure effect duplicated in Photoshop (click for larger image)

The photo, titled “Within Nature,” depicts a stunning natural landscape within a woman’s silhouette. The effect resembles what can be achieved using double exposure, but was actually accomplished using blending modes in Photoshop. The two original film photos can be seen side-by-side with the final result here.

Here is a similar example of a true double exposure from photographer Archie Campbell, shot with a Canon EOS 6D using the camera’s multiple exposure function:

multiple exposure digital photography

Source: Flickr / acearchie

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