Interesting Photo of the Day: Mount Rainier Sunrise

If you’ve ever had the chance to visit Mount Rainier National Park you know how stunning the views can be. With glacier-capped Mount Rainier towering in the distance and gorgeous lakes and rivers, forests, and sprawling meadows, the landscape provides a picturesque canvas. Here, photographer Steven Luu captures a serene sunrise from his campsite overlooking the lake:


Sunrise Over Mt. Rainier by Steven Luu (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

“I woke up in the dark excitedly anticipating sunrise. As the sun rose above the horizon, then above a thick layer of clouds, we were treated to multiple displays of the mountain top being lit up, while the the valleys were still asleep.”

This image was shot with a Fuji X-T2, set at ISO 100, f/9, 1/8 of a second.

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Mount Rainier Sunrise”

  1. Hi, is there any way you can tell you me where in the park this photo was taken (Sunrise Over Mt. Rainier by Stephen Luu). My friends and I have decided to make it a destination for at least a hike if not an overnight. Thanks so much!

  2. Jagreet S. Sudan says:

    could you please let me know what way/trail did you take to reach this spot?

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