Interesting Photo of the Day: Misty Magical Morning

Landscape photographers will often tell you that the best time to go out to take photos is during the early mornings. During this hour, it’s like Mother Nature also wakes up from a good night’s sleep. We get to see beautiful misty and foggy conditions in cooler places, and the show is truly worth watching. Have a look at the following image that photographer Nicu Moldovan took in Pasul Tihuța, a mountain pass in Romania’s Bârgău Mountains. The image will definitely urge you to leave your bed early and head out to take some photos:

misty hills

“Misty Magical Morning” by Nicu Moldovan (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Moldovan took the image with his Sony A7III and Sigma 100-400mm DG OS lens at 300mm, f/11 and 1/100.

The misty condition in the image is definitely the hero in the image. With a great portion of the hills covered by the mist, it gives the image a surreal look. Some might even find it spooky while others can imagine as if the hills are floating on the clouds.

“My intent was to show the cold and nostalgic atmosphere that was present there.”

Another interesting aspect of the image is how beautifully he’s used a telephoto lens to photograph this scene. The 300mm focal length has created a beautiful compression and made it appear as if the hills are stacked upon each other. Even then, the eyes flow effortlessly from the bottom to the top.

And since he took the image even before the sun was up, you cannot make out the actual colors of the landscape. The shades of blue work better, lending the scene a dreamlike atmosphere.

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