Interesting Photo of the Day: Milky Way Over Cataract Lake

The universe is a magical place. While the world we live in feels grand in itself, the unseen reality is so much greater. And what better way to let this feeling sink in than by staring at the sky on a clear dark night? Take the following image by photographer Matt Johnson at Cataract Lake, Colorado. If this image does not make you feel insignificant, I don’t know what will.

milky way over cataract lake

“Milky Way Over Cataract Lake” by Matt Johnson (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is a result of a 15-frame stack that Johnson took using a Sony A7RIII and Tamron 17-28mm lens. He shot the images at 20mm, f/2.5 and ISO 5000. Each exposure was 15 seconds long, making this image effectively a 225-second exposure. He then stacked the images together using Sequator and Photoshop.

The image is an excellent example of great composition and planning. Johnson really knew what he wanted and where he needed to be. The snow-covered landscape seems to converge toward the middle of the image and leads us right into the arms of the Milky Way. Another great aspect of the image is how detailed everything appears in the image and how exquisite the colors appear. And then there’s the reflection on the lake, complementing the overall aesthetic very well and making it so satisfying to look at.

Gazing at the Milky Way can be a life-changing experience. The realization of just how vast the galaxy is, and how tiny we are, is a profound experience. Have you been lucky enough to witness the Milky Way in its full glory?

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