Interesting Photo of the Day: Milky Way and Storm Clouds Over Dolomites

Some days we come across images that make us question reality. And the questions that we ask sometimes leave us wondering about our very own existence. This image that photographer Joe Clarke took in the Dolomites of Northern Italy makes us realize that even majestic mountains can seem like tiny members of this limitless universe:

milky way and thunderstorm over Dolomites

“Milky Way and Storm Cloud Erupting Over the Dolomites, Northern Italy” by Joe Clarke (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Clarke took this image during a thunderstorm that he describes as “spectacular” in the Dolomites. Although the plan was just to capture the Milky Way, the thunderstorm added to the magnificence of the image, albeit the idea was a risky one. The image is a 13-second single exposure that he took using his Canon 5D III camera at 28mm, f/2.8, and ISO 2000.

By composing with the mountains in layers, Clarke has added a good sense of depth to the image. And, with the lightning going off during his 13 seconds of exposure, the cloud in the middle has created a beautiful highlight just where the arm of the Milky Way seems to come to an end. It’s a magical moment captured.

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