Interesting Photo of the Day: A Magical Russian Childhood

There’s nothing like the relationship between a boy and his dog, alone against the world. That’s what Russian photographer Elena Shumilova so beautifully captures in this image from her quiet farm outside Moscow, Russia:


A Boy and His Best Friend, Russia. (Via Imgur. Click for larger size.)

She uses a Canon 5D Mark II body with a 135mm lens. But it’s truly the post-production that makes the picture sing “magical realism.” She likely works with an undersaturated shot, increasing the yellow tones and desaturating the image for a pseudo-sepia feel. Shooting at f/2, her lens is wide-open, which distinctly blurs the background. Of course, it helps that her kid is pretty adorable and that her backyard looks like the set from a Narnia movie.

We’ve shared Shumilova’s work before; it’s hard to resist her heart-warming images. Hear more about these magical photos from the artist herself in this short video profile:

“When shooting I prefer to use natural light – both inside and outside. I love all sorts of light conditions – street lights, candle light, fog, smoke, rain and snow – everything that gives visual and emotional depth to the image.” – Elena Shumilova

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