Interesting Photo of the Day: Light Tube Portrait

Some great images are captured when photographers get lucky with the moment and lighting. But to make your images stand out from the rest, it’s essential that you take control of the light. This image by photographer Charles Brooks is an excellent example of how he takes control:

light painting portrait

“Light Painting Portrait” by Charles Brooks (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Brooks took this photo using a Panasonic GX8 at 14mm with a 2-second exposure in bulb mode. For light painting, he used two 1,000 lumen torches in an orange tube sleeve. While keeping himself well hidden from the camera behind the model, he gave the lights a spin to achieve the beautiful effect.

“I’m standing behind her, carefully aligned so as not to show on camera. I fire the camera with a remote and manipulate the light myself.”

While the main subject looks fascinating, what stands out is the reflection on the water. Brilliant execution, indeed.

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