Interesting Photo of the Day: Life Goes on Despite Wildfires

Many of us have been to a game that was called off due to rain, but have you ever been to one that was called off due to a wildfire? Well, apparently neither have these people. Despite the giant plumes of smoke setting the backdrop for this sunny afternoon baseball game, no one in this photo seems worried or even aware of the wildfire blazing just miles from the field. Even if it was impossible for the fire to reach the baseball fields, one would think that the game would at least be cancelled due to the possibility of families having homes in that area:

wildfire colorado baseball field fire black forest

Wildfire in Colorado only a few miles away from high school baseball field (imgur)

The fire in the photo is actually of the Black Forest fire that recently occurred in Colorado. It has already done more damage than last year’s infamous Waldo Canyon fire. Reports are still being updated, but an estimated 150 square miles have been burned along with almost 500 houses.

Though only two have been reported killed in the fire, more than 38,000 have been forced to leave their homes, and the fire is going down in the books as one of the worst in Colorado history.

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