Interesting Photo of the Day: Ladybug in the Morning Dew

If you’re a nature photographer you no doubt love the idea of leaving behind your bed very early in the morning and catching the first light of day. Photographer Jens Kolk certainly does. He captured this wonderful image of a ladybug drenched in morning mist:

morning mist, ladybug macro shot

Ladybug in the morning dew (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

Some viewers have expressed their doubts about the authenticity of this image, assuming the overgenerous dew was produced by a spray bottle, and the unreal sparkles are a bit of retouching magic in Photoshop. Whatever might have gone behind the scenes, this is an image that you can’t look at without feeling a sense of morning freshness.

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4 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Ladybug in the Morning Dew”

  1. WOAH!!!!! This is the coolest image ever! Even if there was a spray bottle, I don’t care. And sorry, everyone uses PS so we are not allowed to complain about that. Amazing photo!

  2. Rick says:

    To produce those nice stars, you need a very small aperture, and to get that nice blurry background, you need a larger aperture. So, I guess those stars were added later.

  3. Rick Berger says:

    The final image is all that counts. The journey that was taken by the photographer may be interesting, but the end result, the final product, is what brings the viewer joy in seeing the image.

  4. Dorothea Heath says:

    Whatever was done it is all skill and to know how and lot of talent…i wish it was my image…lol!
    We forget that they did editing in the dark rooms in years gone by

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