Interesting Photo of the Day: Jane Goodall Greets a Baby Chimpanzee

Photography has always allowed us to document momentous events in history. In this photo, pioneering primatologist Jane Goodall greets a young chimpanzee named Flint in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream Game Reserve. Photographed by Hugo van Lawick, the photo series titled “New Discoveries Among Africa’s Chimpanzees” ran in the December 1965 issue of National Geographic:


Jane Goodall greeting a baby chimpanzee named Flint. (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

After receiving her first research grant from National Geographic in 1961, Goodall dedicated 50 years of her life to the research and documentation of the social interactions of chimpanzees. She is said to be the only human who has been accepted into chimpanzee society. The image shows Goodall presenting the back of her hand with fingers pulled inwards, demonstrating a harmless greeting to the onlooking protective mother situated out of frame.

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