Interesting Photo of the Day: High-Key Zebras in Rwanda

Zebras prove the minimalist credo that you don’t need to flaunt vibrant colors to be attractive. In fact, if you are looking to photograph black and white wildlife photos, what better subject could you find than zebras? Take the following image that was captured by photographer Matt Horspool. The image is an excellent example of how zebras can be an excellent choice for some high-key photography:

three zebras in Rwanda

“High Key Zebras” by Matt Horspool (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The most admirable aspect of this image has to be the symmetry in the composition. Horspool happened to catch them at the right time, with all three zebras looking identically in the same direction. What do you think grabbed the zebras’ attention? Was it just another safari truck? Or are they alert because they spotted a lion? We can only guess.

Of course, the image is spectacular especially because of its intense contrast. By overexposing the image, the photographer has intentionally blown out the sky and some parts of the ground. However, thanks to the blacks in the zebras, they stand out wonderfully.

“They make the best black and white subjects and it was the middle of the day so what better time to overexpose!”

This image is a perfect example of how it is not always necessary for your image to be technically correct to be amazing. You just need to have an idea in mind, know what you are looking for and be ready with your camera.

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