Interesting Photo of the Day: Golden Hour At Its Finest

Golden hour is the time of day that occurs just before sunrise and sunset. At these hours, the sun is at such an angle with the earth that it produces a soft, glowing, golden light. It is generally regarded as the ideal time to photograph outdoors. The golden hour is a fundamental aspect of lighting in photography that is, or should be, taught to photography students very early in their education:

Sunset at Evergreen Mountain Lookout (Via 500px. Click for larger size.)

In the stunning photo above, photographer Michael Matti embraced the perfect light. He took this photo of a mountainscape as the sun cast cloud-diffused golden rays of light through the trees. The result is a dramatic photograph that offers colors that wouldn’t be present during other times of the day.

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Golden Hour At Its Finest”

  1. Evarts says:

    what was the camera settings used?

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