Interesting Photo of the Day: Golden Gate Bridge Sunrise

Jonathan C. Dawson took the time and effort to capture this stunning photograph of the early morning sunrise at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. A fisherman stands alone while monitoring his two poles set up to catch the early fish. The most striking parts of this photograph are the color gradients that blend from top to bottom in the bright sunlight. This scene looks like a painting with the clean foreground, hazy background and color palette:

photographer captures Golden Gate Bridge sunrise in San Francisco

“Golden Gate Bridge at 5 A.M.” by Jonathan C Dawson (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

To capture this shot, Dawson used a Canon 6D camera with a 70–200mm lens at 102mm. His camera settings for this were 1/500 of a second, ISO 100, and an f/4.5 aperture. For editing, he used Photoshop and the Snapseed photo editing app. Overall, he kept his edits minimal as he worked to remove a few people in the background, add reflections in the water, and boost the color saturation. This piece of work is a perfect example of having your composition and edits in mind when arranging the shot. The photographer obviously understood exactly what he wanted to portray in the final image when he traveled to the beach early in the morning and set up his equipment.

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