Interesting Photo of the Day: Long Exposure of a Glowing Rock Climber

No, this strange light pattern isn’t the product of some rogue glow bugs; it’s the work of one very creative rock climber. Photographer shatteredankle (a screen name inspired by an unfortunate climbing accident) wanted to try something different and attached multicolored glow sticks to each of his limbs during a long exposure shot:

long exposure rock climbing

A long exposure reveals a rock surface illuminated by glowsticks attached to the hands of a rock climber. (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

The 40 foot rock face took the climber only about a minute and a half to scale. The long exposure left behind some interesting artifacts—the brighter areas created by his headlamp reveal where he took a little extra time. The night climb took place in Independence Pass just outside of Aspen, Colorado.

“It is an absolutely beautiful place to climb. We were up there when the leaves where changing and the mountain scenery is just stunning. Plus the rock is super cool up there too.”

This is a really fun and easy photography trick to try out on your own. All you need are some glow sticks (or small lights of any kind), a dark surrounding, and a camera set with a long exposure! A shutter speed of one or two seconds will start to produce results similar to this photo.

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