Interesting Photo of the Day: Foggy Pastel Sunrise

It’s true that sunrise adds magic to skies and landscapes. But that doesn’t mean you can simply show up somewhere in the morning, whip out your camera, shoot a couple photos and expect all of them to be masterpieces. Even with this magical light, you need a keen eye, some technical know-how and the right conditions for the images to come out jaw-dropping. Such is the case of the following image, taken by photographer Jorgen van Meijbeek, which is a work of art:

“A Blissful Morning” by Jorgen van Meijbeek (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Meijbeek shot this image at Drents-Firese Wold National Park in the Netherlands. The image is a composite of multiple exposures that he took to create a high-dynamic range (HDR) image.

The image didn’t just require multiple exposures—it also required multiple trips. As he says:

“It took me four mornings in a row until I got the perfect conditions I needed for this picture.”

The early morning vibe that the image gives out is really refreshing. The lighting and colors beautifully add to the vibrance of the scene. And the grassland with the tree gives out an energy that makes you want to be there and take a walk. The fog in the surrounding adds drama to an already beautiful location and takes it to the next level. Everything is simply breathtaking.

Also, if you notice carefully, there are several natural gradients in this image. There’s the gradient of colors in the sky, the gradient of light between the sky and the landscape and also a gradient of the fog. It’s easy ro get lost in the beauty of this image.

Really a fantastic work by the photographer. The dreamy appearance of the image makes it feel too good to be real.

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