Interesting Photo of the Day: Fireworks Over Castle

Fireworks are always a joy to watch. No matter how old you are, everyone feels like a kid watching fireworks explode. And what’s better than watching fireworks? Photographing them. Long-exposure photos of fireworks shimmering in the sky are joys to capture. A Reddit user by the name of OddChair took the following image of fireworks going off in Caernarfon Castle, and its wonder proves the point:

“Fireworks in Caernarfon Castle” by OddChair (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is a long exposure of about three to five seconds that the photographer took with their Canon 80D and Sigma 17-50D at f/2.8. While the fireworks themselves are fairly standard, there’s something special about this image.

The colors are what truly stand out. While the purple firework going off in the center is the definite hero, the red and green lights framing the shot are wonderfully placed and the tones are perfect. The reflection of all these lights combined makes this image shine in its portrait orientation. The thin outline of the passerby puts you right into the shot, making you wish you could be there among the crowd.

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