Interesting Photo of the Day: Falcon Family Moves into Chicago Man’s Balcony

It was a wonderful stroke of luck when a Peregrine Falcon couple returned to the same flower box on a Chicago balcony to nest. The falcons—named Steve and Linda Perry by the man whose balcony they took over—had been together for three years and their family was about to grow.¬†Dacey Arashiba, the owner of the condo where the birds decided to nest, has been documenting the story for a couple years, posting photos and videos online. The story of the expecting parents soon caught the eye of wildlife photographer Luke Massey, who got in contact with Arashiba and started making plans to visit and photograph the falcons. Meet the Perry chicks—Katy, Luke, Joe, and Refrigerator:

falcon family nests in flower box photo

Peregrine Falcon family moves into Chicago balcony by Luke Massey (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

The story has gone viral, and the Perry falcon family has become the building’s famous tenants. While the chicks have since grown and left the nest, all involved are hoping Steve and Linda will return to the balcony next spring.

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