Interesting Photo of the Day: Fairies Light Up the Forest

After midnight, the darkness has fully crept in and masks most of the lighting and color around you. In a forest lined with trees blocking ambient light and moonlight, it can be hard to capture the right mood and tone for your vision. However, photographers have worked and experimented to add visual effects to their work that will offset the darkness. In this case, the photographer uses lights to draw a path through the lush green ferns lining the forest bed. By doing this, he illuminates the previously lost detail and guides the viewer’s eyes through the scene before him:

photographer long exposure in forest setting with lights

“Long Exposure Photograph in the Forest” by Alex Tomlinson (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Alex Tomlinson captured this stunning image of lights illuminating the forest. In order to arrange and photograph this scene, he used a flashlight pointed at the lens. Each light is a simple click of the “On/Off” button. For the brighter lights, he just left the light on a bit longer and then moved to the next one. In order to pinpoint all of them in one photo, he left the shutter open for eight minutes. This allowed him to move from spot to spot and choose where to place the lights. Work like this creates a mesmerizing nighttime effect and is awesome to see executed so well.

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