Interesting Photo of the Day: Evening Eruption

How far would you go to get a great photograph? Most of us would draw the line at being anywhere near an active volcano. However, the amazing results photographer Fabian Weber managed to capture almost makes the idea worth toying with.

“Volcano” by Fabian Weber  (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Pictured here is Volcan de Fuego, a stratovolcano in Guatemala famous for near-constant activity at a low level. During the day, it’s difficult to see much more than the steady stream of smog and ash wafting out of the mountain’s vents. But, as night approaches, glowing red-hot magma shines brightly through the darkness.

Using a Fuji X-Pro1, the photographer really managed to drive home the liveliness of the area. A 30-second exposure captured streaks of lava sputtering midair and climbing down the slopes of the mountain. Luckily, none of it presents an immediate danger to the people inhabiting the surrounding area.

With that being said, Weber was able to make this image without putting himself in too much peril. A neighboring dormant volcano provided him with this great vantage point and a safe place to sleep for the night. Nevertheless, the angry boiling earth we see in this photograph is a powerful reminder of just how forceful and unforgiving nature can be.

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