Interesting Photo of the Day: Electric Green Aurora Mirrors the River Below

Iceland is by far one of the most amazing places to catch the Aurora borealis, and this shot taken by Seattle photographer Paul Weeks doesn’t disappoint. The electric green and yellows of the aurora almost seem like they’re reflecting the shape of the river below:

Northern Lights Iceland

“Electric Roller Coaster Ride” by Paul Weeks (Via SmugMug. Click image to see full size.)

Capturing the aurora (especially one this bright) can be a bit like ghost hunting; it’s hard to find clear sky and the weather is extremely mercurial (it changes quickly and often unpredictably). Also, one minute the northern lights will be lighting up the southern end of the island and then an hour later it will switch to the northern end. Not only that, but given the totally varied topography of Iceland, you could be in a rain storm one moment and then drive ten minutes south and find yourself under clear skies.

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