Interesting Photo of the Day: Dog Experiences Snow for the First Time

What’s more magical, more festive, more innocent than seeing snow for the first time? For Tilly, a Border Collie in Oklahoma, the pure joy of bounding about in the white playground for the first time was a fantastic experience. Here, her owner captures the look of wonder and delight as snow gently falls on Tilly’s face:

dog's first snowfall photo

Tilly’s First Snow (Click to See Full Size)

Using a Nikon D7000 with Tamron 70-300mm f/4-5.6, the photographer (who goes by tgibson12) was able to come out with a crisp image, freezing this perfect moment forever. If you look closely (zoom in on Tilly’s eye), you can even see a reflection of the photographer’s friend as he packs a snowball for the dog to chase!

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3 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Dog Experiences Snow for the First Time”

  1. mike penney says:

    This is not the best photo in the world but I bet it ranks at the top of photos you will cherish for years if you are the dog’s “owner”. I now only have the photos… after nearly 15 years with one dog and 17 years with the previous dog… wish I had taken more.

  2. Annie Honjo says:

    What a fabulous photo! It is so expressive as well as being beautifully composed. Magical.

  3. stephen crawford says:

    this is a great image, love the look of the dog, very sharp.{magical}

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