Interesting Photo of the Day: Chilly Winter Morning Sunrise

Landscape photographers never get enough of sunrises and sunsets. And neither do we. It’s like nature has a different color palette, made just for these magic hours. Fine art landscape photographer Arpan Das captured this enchanting image of sunrise over Vermillion Lake that supports this notion:

sunrise over Vermillion lake

“Sunrise Over Vermillion Lake” by Arpan Das (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Although the appearance of the clouds might suggest that the image is a long exposure, it’s not; Das exposed it for a mere 1/2 second.

The way Das has composed this shot is really thoughtful. The snowy foreground, the reflection of the mountain and the sunset in the middle, and the colorful sky in the background all gel together so well to create this interesting image. And that signature warm tone of the early morning light adds drama.

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