Interesting Photo of the Day: Car Trail Under the Milky Way

Long exposure technique in photography is a great tool you can use to bring your creative vision to life. It allows you to create photographs that are generally not possible for us to see in the moment. Long exposure photography opens up doors to capture the unseen and also lets you use the world around you as a canvas and light as your paintbrush. Take for instance the following image taken by photographer Chase Dolan:

car trail under milky way by Chase Dolan

“Light Trail Under the Milky Way” by Chase Dolan (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is a composite of two different exposures. He took a tracked image of the sky to capture the Milky Way and then a separate image of the foreground. He then blended these two images together to get the final result. Both of the images are 4-second exposures shot at 24mm, f/3.2, and ISO 1600 using the Sony A7RIII camera with the Sony 24-70mm f/2.8 GM lens.

If you think about it, Dolan has done an excellent job by capturing the brilliance of the cosmos and the earth’s landscape, along with a touch of mankind. While the beautiful mountains glow under starlight from the Milky Way, the light trail from the car further adds to the brilliance of the image. The light trail also works great as a creative leading line. Follow the path of the light and it’ll take you through the entire image.

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