Interesting Photo of the Day: Camping Under the Milky Way

Touring with a musical band is fun. You get to meet loads of new people, see lots of new places, and jam with many interesting people. The entire trip gets even more interesting when you get to camp out and spend your night in a place such as the Makoshika state park. Wege1324 got really lucky with a clear sky when he and his band members camped out in Makoshika. It allowed him to shoot this really amazing image of the milky way:

milky way from Makoshika State Park

“Camping at Makoshika State Park” by Wege1324 (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

The image is a composite that he created by exposing differently for the various elements in this photograph.

“Fairly basic composite though, exposure for the sky, exposure for the tree and fire light, then an exposure using a headlamp to brighten the foreground a bit.”

He then used Lightroom to make some basic adjustments in the images and then stacked them up using Photoshop.

“I imported the files as layers to Photoshop for aligning. I masked out everything but the Milky Way core and aligned purely to that (rather than the entire sky) and it worked perfectly.”

While the Milky Way is undoubtedly the hero in this image, the camps in the foreground too add so much interest in this image. For one, it provides a sense of scale to make us realize how insignificant and small we are in this universe. Second, it makes you imagine how exciting it would be to spend the night outdoors under the brilliant stars.

Wouldn’t you love to spend a night out in a beautiful place like this?

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