Interesting Photo of the Day: Amazing Border Collie Portrait Shows the Breed’s Intelligence

More than perhaps any other dog breed, Border Collies are highly task-oriented and need to experience a sense of purpose in order to thrive. Indeed, they tend to be notorious workaholics. This, in addition to their intelligence and agility, suits Border Collies to an active working lifestyle—and especially to guarding and herding livestock.

The amazing intelligence of the breed can be clearly seen in the eyes and posture of this Border Collie named Scully whose portrait was captured by photographer James Walker, her caretaker:

australian shepherd dog puppy cute snow winter portrait james walker studios

“Along the Way” by James Walker. (Via Imgur. Click to see full size.)

Scully is actually one of Walker’s two Border Collie companions, and it’s clear that the dogs are some of Walker’s favorite art subjects.

As something of a documentarian, Walker considers photography, and his art in general, as a means of experiencing life to the fullest extent possible and then recording meaningful moments in a way that causes viewers to reflect deeply on themes like time, adventure, loyalty, and love.

“Snapping photos and drawing pictures and painting and collaging and collecting and gathering information is my way of being enveloped in every second of the day,” says Walker. “I try to take as little for granted as possible… making art is the very thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, drives me through the day, pushes me past all obstacles, and propels me to explore.”

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2 responses to “Interesting Photo of the Day: Amazing Border Collie Portrait Shows the Breed’s Intelligence”

  1. mike penney says:

    love that dog photo… and those kinds of dogs… i was lucky enough to live with lab/border collie combo for more than 14 years….

  2. Wayne Turner says:

    Amazing dogs. We have border collies.

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