Interesting Photo Of The Day: School in Session, Afghanistan

The image below may not be quite what you expected–or, at least hoped–it to be, but it is a reality for many families and children living in Afghanistan. The young kids are faced with many obstacles to overcome just to get an education–something which is a right in most other parts of the world. Having to navigate their way through active mine fields on a daily basis to attend school, which just so happens to be in the middle of an expansive dirt and sand field, becoming educated in Afghanistan can be a life and death situation:

Afghani children often walk several kilometers a day, sometimes through minefields and other hazards, to acquire an education. (Via Imgur, click for larger size)

The photographer, Noorullah Shirzada, says he often rides a motorbike around the area to find interesting things to photograph. On this day he was expecting to photograph the children laboring in a nearby brick factory, but the gathering of school children caught his eye and went to investigate.

“I introduced myself to the teacher and got permission to take some photographs. Over about one hour, I took more than 20 pictures from different angles of this scene…Perhaps the best one is when I got up on some higher ground and got a good angle down onto the children with the smoking chimney in the background. The composition of the shot is unusual, and the colour of the children’s clothes is striking. One girl sitting in the front corner of the group is wearing bright orange, which is very strong. The teacher said the girls are seated at the front to encourage them to answer questions and be more involved, as otherwise they are quite shy.”

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