Interesting Photo of the Day: Above and Below

Finding the right setting for a landscape shot pays off, as shown in this wonderful image of two perspectives above and below the water. This work is unique because of its creative use of color and light that paints two different pictures in one image. The attention to detail helps display the contrast between the two perspectives. It’s also interesting that the viewer sees what the man in the boat does not, which is the descent of the diver into the cavern:

photography over under perspective

“Above and Below” by Travis Burke (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Photographer Travis Burke shot this image on Karpathos Island in Greece with a GoPro Hero 5. The GoPro’s wide angle lens creates a large depth of field, allowing more of the shot to be in focus. Since the water doesn’t disturb the focal length of the camera much, the photographer is able to easily adjust to the desired length. All that’s left to do is position the lens halfway in and out of the water with the help of equipment such as the Knekt dome. Once you’ve got your setup, you can work on photographing amazing images such as this!

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